Playground Details

Address: Clay at Laguna
Neighborhood: Pacific Heights
Zip code: 94115


Ground: Sand
Play structure: Wood and metal
Gated: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Stroller Accessible: Yes
Handicapped Accessible: Yes
Picnic Tables: Yes, there are picnic tables very close to the gated play area. There are four of them in one area and another one just outside the gated area near the bathrooms. There are wood chips underneath the four tables together and cement under the lone table near the bathrooms.
Grass Area: Yes. There is a separate gated area across from the play area that is grassy and has two benches where little ones can go and be safe. Dogs are not supposed to go in there so it should be free of dog excrement.
Area for Dog: Yes
Tennis/Basketball Courts: There are tennis courts on the other side of the park, over the hill on the Laguna and Gough side

Lafayette Park