Welcome!  The Golden Gate Mothers Group is a San Francisco-based mothers group that focuses on moms and all things motherhood.

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We have over 4200 members and are always welcoming more. If you're a woman living in San Francisco who is expecting a child or has at least one child under six years old, come join us! We provide an amazing array of services for moms in San Francisco--our very popular newsletter, forums, classifieds, events for kids, moms, and families, and lots more.

GGMG helps connect moms with similar-aged children and similar interests in the form of playgroups and special interest groups. 

Members run the playgroups themselves, and many groups become quite close and last years! Find out more about our playgroups.


Cleaning out your child's closet? St. Anthony's Free Clothing Program in Need of Preschool Clothes!

Summer is coming to a close, which means school is almost back in session. For many that means going back to school shopping—a luxury that many low-income families can’t afford.

In 2013, the Free Clothing Program served:
• 1,450 familes
• 2,856 children
• 19,230 sets of clothing distributed

In response to the difficulty families may face, St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program is holding its 3rd annual Back to School Day on August 15 to provide 230 children with new clothes, backpacks, and school supplies for their big day.

We need your support in making sure no child goes to school unprepared. Please consider donating clothing for preschool boys and girls (sizes 3-6 T). Clothes need to be in new or gently used and clean condition. (St. Anthony's does not have access to a washer / dryer.) When dropping off, please mention that you are doing so on behalf of GGMG.

Drop off Instructions

Donations can be dropped off until 8/15 at St. Anthony's:

Civic Center:101 8th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Please make your donations during the hours of 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Monday-Friday

Donations can also be dropped off until 8/14 at the following addresses:

North SF: Peekadoodle Kids Club
900 North Point St ste. 100
San Francisco, CA 94109

Pacific Heights:JCCSF Atrium
3200 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

Inner Richmond: 180 8th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94118

West Portal: 526 Ulloa St.
San Francisco, CA 94127

Please leave the above donations on the doorstep or in the bin (at Peekadoodle) and they will be delivered to St. Anthony's. If you would like a tax deductible receipt, please leave your name and address attached to the bag(s).


Deadline extended: Start the School Year off Right by Providing New Shoes for Kids in Need

GGMG is partnering with My New Red Shoes to host a New Sneaker Drive. A big thank you to everyone who has donated already. We have collected over 82 shoes, but we still need more! There are thousands of homeless children in the Bay Area. Providing the gift of new shoes and clothes as these children head back to school not only increases their confidence to participate more fully in the school experience, but it provides a basic necessity that the family and shelter would not otherwise be able to afford.

Purchasing guidelines for new shoes include:

• Brand new athletic shoes or sneakers
• Girls Youth Sizes 9 to Women’s Size 12; Boys Youth Sizes 9 to Men’s Size 16. Please check the Amazon wishlist for the sizes most in need.
• Solid black and/or white are preferred but colors and patterns are also accepted. Please try to avoid donations of primarily blue or red shoes.
• Shoes should be in their original box with the price tag removed. Shoes must be well-constructed. Often times these will be the student’s only pair of shoes for the whole year.

My New Red Shoes can NOT accept shoes that are used, open-toed, slip-on, sandals, flip flops, dress shoes or boots, or shoes that are smaller than a youth size 9.

Please consider joining us in support of My New Red Shoes in one of four ways:

1. Amazon Wishlist: Purchase shoes online from the GGMG / My New Red Shoes wish list. http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1JCAX5UH9CNIH/ref=cm_wl_huc_title

If "gift options" are available, click "This Will Be A Gift" after adding your item to the cart. Provide your name, contact info, & GGMG in the gift message so we can send you a thank you. This will not always be an available option. If you weren't able to include a gift message, send My New Red Shoes an email (melissa@mynewredshoes.org) to let them know to be on the lookout for your package and to be sure she knows it’s coming through the GGMG drive! When checking out, choose to "Ship to My New Red Shoes - Gift Registry Address" or enter their address: Sobrato Center for Nonprofits - Redwood Shores, My New Red Shoes, 330 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 135, Redwood City, CA 94065

2.Order Online: Order online through your preferred retailer and have the shoes sent to My New Red Shoes. Please be sure that your shoes meet the shoe guidelines (above) and send them to Sobrato Center for Nonprofits - Redwood Shores, My New Red Shoes, 330 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 135, Redwood City, CA 94065. If there is an option to include your name and address and a note that you are with GGMG, please do so. If not, shoot My New Red Shoes an email (melissa@mynewredshoes.org) to let them know to be on the lookout for your package and to be sure she knows it’s coming through the GGMG drive!

3. Donate Cash: Donate funds directly to My New Red Shoes online at: www.mynewredshoes.org. Just make sure to mention GGMG in the company line! For every $25 we donation, My New Red Shoes can put one pair of shoes on a child in need.

4. Volunteer Drop Off: Drop off brand new shoes with a GGMG volunteer or directly at My New Red Shoes. If you’d like a tax receipt, please include a paper with your name and contact information along with the shoes when you drop them off. To drop off new shoes or for more information on the drive, please contact Cori at drives@ggmg.org.

Tax deduction: Your donations are tax-deductible and My New Red Shoes will provide you with a receipt.

Please remember to include your address with your donation so MNRS can send a thank you note.

Additional information an be found HERE

Thank you so much for your support of these drives!

Please contact Cori at drives@ggmg.org with questions.


Updated! Forum Guidelines

The discussion forums are the most popular and widely-used resource for GGMG members. Click here to learn more about what types of posts are allowed in the forums and how you can make the most of these online discussions.


GGMG Named one of Babble's Top Parenting Listservs


GGMG has been named one of Babble's Top 30 Parenting Listservs of 2011!
Click here for more detail.

GGMG Members Discount Program

GGMG members can obtain valuable discounts from participating local retailers and service providers.

Interested in offering a discount to our members? Find out more about the program and enroll here.

Parks & Playgrounds

San Francisco has nearly 100 playgrounds in the city, so why not try somewhere new?  And new is right--playgrounds are continually being renovated. Check out our survey of San Francisco playgrounds with pictures, directions, and helpful tips!

Our Just-for-Moms Committee organizes events that are designed only for moms (and sometimes dads) such as CPR training, cooking classes, a night at the movies, trips to a spa, dinners, brunches, exercise classes, etc. All kinds of things to do without the kids!
Our Kids Activities Committee plans events for children, newborn to kindergarten age, that include fun, age-appropriate events several times a month.
Our Social Events Committee hosts three fantastic annual events (Halloween Party, Egg Hunt, and Summer Fair) for the entire family.
Join a group of mothers who have similar-aged children (or due dates!) at a Playgroup Formation Event.  Events are held at venues around SF and vary between week nights and weekends to accommodate different schedules.
GGMG, in partnership with Parents Place, hosts a variety of parenting seminars and workshops. Check the events calendar for upcoming sessions.
The Careers Committee organizes career focused events that include networking with other mothers and local companies/recruiters. We help mom’s navigate both their careers and kids successfully. Check the events calendar often for upcoming sessions.

Nurture ourselves, our children, our partners and our community.
Create an environment of support, information sharing and connection.
Learn, teach, create, have fun and provide balance in the lives of our growing families.

Our Motto: We are a work in progress...
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