Welcome!  The Golden Gate Mothers Group is a San Francisco-based mothers group that focuses on moms and all things motherhood.

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We have over 4200 members and are always welcoming more. If you're a woman living in San Francisco who is expecting a child or has at least one child under six years old, come join us! We provide an amazing array of services for moms in San Francisco--our very popular newsletter, forums, classifieds, events for kids, moms, and families, and lots more.

GGMG helps connect moms with similar-aged children and similar interests in the form of playgroups and special interest groups. 

Members run the playgroups themselves, and many groups become quite close and last years! Find out more about our playgroups.


HPP Needs Large Size Diapers - PLEASE HELP!

Homeless Prenatal Program has an immediate need for diapers, especially in sizes 4, 5 and 6, to provide to their clients. To help them meet this need, GGMG's Community Support Drives Program is hosting a Diapers and Wipes Drive starting today and running through April 21 to benefit Homeless Prenatal Program.

For the 3,500 families who visit HPP each month, diapers are often a necessary expense they cannot afford. The organization distributes almost 8,000 diapers a month - mostly in sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6 and they are out of sizes 4 and above. They accept open packages of diapers and wipes. In the words of Sharon Bechtol, HPP's Volunteer & Donations Coordinator, "many times clients have to leave suddenly where they are staying and can't always take things with them. So when they come for help and need diapers it is very important that we can help them with this. Babies can't wait for a few days for things to settle down to get their diapers changed!"

It's not unheard of for moms to leave their babies in wet or soiled diapers simply because they cannot afford to use another one. Please help HPP prevent that from happening by donating today!

Please consider joining us in support of HPP in one of two ways: 1. Purchasing diapers and wipes online - either through HPP's Amazon wish list or from any website you prefer; or 2. Dropping off the items at the HPP or one of their donation centers.

1. Order Online --
Amazon Wishlist


Order on the website of your choosing and send diapers to HPP, 2500 18th Street, San Francisco, 94110, ATTN: Sharon B.

If you would like a tax receipt for your donation, please contact Sharon Bechtol at sharonbechtol@homelessprenatal.org.

2. Drop Off Locations -- open or closed packages of diapers and wipes can be donated at the following locations. Please specify that the donations are for Homeless Prenatal Program.

Homeless Prenatal Program - 2500 18th St., San Francisco, CA 94110 Someone is at HPP Mon -- Fri 8-5 to accept diaper / wipe donations.

Mom's the Word - 3385 Sacramento and their hours are Mon-Sat 10-6 and Sun 11-5.

If you prefer to donate money directly to HPP, you can do so on the HPP website - Just visit http://homelessprenatal.org/ and click the "Donate" button on the right hand side. Please put GGMG Diaper Drive in the "additional comments" box.

Please contact Sarah Egdal at drives@ggmg.org with any questions.


Updated! Forum Guidelines

The discussion forums are the most popular and widely-used resource for GGMG members. Click here to learn more about what types of posts are allowed in the forums and how you can make the most of these online discussions.


GGMG Named one of Babble's Top Parenting Listservs


GGMG has been named one of Babble's Top 30 Parenting Listservs of 2011!
Click here for more detail.

GGMG Members Discount Program

GGMG members can obtain valuable discounts from participating local retailers and service providers.

Interested in offering a discount to our members? Find out more about the program and enroll here.

Parks & Playgrounds

San Francisco has nearly 100 playgrounds in the city, so why not try somewhere new?  And new is right--playgrounds are continually being renovated. Check out our survey of San Francisco playgrounds with pictures, directions, and helpful tips!

Our Just-for-Moms Committee organizes events that are designed only for moms (and sometimes dads) such as CPR training, cooking classes, a night at the movies, trips to a spa, dinners, brunches, exercise classes, etc. All kinds of things to do without the kids!
Our Kids Activities Committee plans events for children, newborn to kindergarten age, that include fun, age-appropriate events several times a month.
Our Social Events Committee hosts three fantastic annual events (Halloween Party, Egg Hunt, and Summer Fair) for the entire family.
Join a group of mothers who have similar-aged children (or due dates!) at a Playgroup Formation Event.  Events are held at venues around SF and vary between week nights and weekends to accommodate different schedules.
GGMG, in partnership with Parents Place, hosts a variety of parenting seminars and workshops. Check the events calendar for upcoming sessions.

Nurture ourselves, our children, our partners and our community.
Create an environment of support, information sharing and connection.
Learn, teach, create, have fun and provide balance in the lives of our growing families.

Our Motto: We are a work in progress...
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