GGMG sponsors many different activities each month.  They're listed in our Events Calendar, printed in the magazine, and promoted during our general meetings.

Upcoming Events
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New Members gathering

If you are a new member of Golden Gate Mothers Group and arelooking to get a better understanding of what this organization offers, please join us for the next New Members Gathering. This is a great opportunity to learn more about GGMG, meet other moms and figure how to get the most out of your membership. We look forward to meeting you!


Just for Moms

Our Just-for-Moms Committee organizes events that are designed for moms (and sometimes dads) to enjoy without the children. Past events have included cooking classes, wine tastings, manicure/pedicure night, cake-decorating instruction, movie night, and dinners throughout the city. They require registration and pre-payment, if applicable, because space is limited. More in our FAQ.

Just-for-Moms events are the best way to get out of the house and connect with other moms *and* do something fun!

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The Careers Committee organizes career focused events that include networking with other mothers and local companies/recruiters. We help mom’s navigate both their careers and kids successfully. Check the events calendar often for upcoming sessions.

Kids Activities

The Kids Activities Committee plans group activities for moms and children every month. Popular recurring events include children's music, gymnastics and yoga classes, museum tours and walks for moms and infants, berry and pumpkin picking trips, and the always popular visits to the firehouse.

Different activities are planned for our three target ages: newborn to walking, toddlers, and preschoolers. We require our members to register, and pay (if applicable) in advance for all Kids Activities events so we can secure group discounts, ensure we don't overbook an event, and adequately prepare for our members' enjoyment. More in our FAQ.

"I love the kids' activities arranged by GGMG! Everything from etiquette classes to trapeze flying to regularly scheduled firehouse visits. It's a great way to try out new things with a friendly crowd!"

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Social Events

Three times a year we host fantastic social events for our members and their families. We celebrate Halloween in late October, hop around in our Easter Egg Hunt in the spring, and say celebrate summer at our Summer Fair.

The events feature entertainment, activities, and goodie bags for the children. These events are very popular and we recommend an early registration so we can be sure to have enough of everything to make all our little guests happy.  More on our events can be found in our FAQ.