Member support resources - new mothers

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You may also want to look at GGMG playgroups:

Lactation Consultants and Counsellors

CPMC Newborn Connections
Free phone advice, also a $20 latch clinic (requires phone consult to confirm that latch is a problem). They also have drop in groups for $5 (see groups section).
3698 California St
(415) 600-2229

Melitta Hoder IBCLC PCD CMT
(415) 586-8468

Katie Howser IBCLC DONA
(209) 968-5197

Susan Bell DONA, Lactation Counsellor
Offers 10% discount to GGMG members.

Caroline Kerhervé IBCLC DONA

Tracy Masillon IBCLC

(415) 225-9005

Birth preparation classes/groups

Natural Resources
1367 Valencia St (at 25th)
(415) 550 2611

CPMC Newborn Connections
3698 California Street, 94118
Tel: (415) 600-BABY (2229)

UCSF Great Expectations
2356 Sutter Street
(415) 353-2667
Members particularly recommend: Mindfulness Based Childbirth with Nancy Bardacke (who also recently wrote a book: Mindful Birthing)

Mindful Body - hypnobirthing
2876 California Street 94115
TEL: 415.931.2639

Rachel Yellin

Birth doulas

Sandra Lloyd

Shannon Padlog

Patti Fordham

Lauren Miller

Marin Doula collective - Michaela and Toni

Esther Gallagher

Cindy Whitman-Bradley

SF Birth Doulas - Elizabeth Porter

Farrell Topham

Beth Rees

Britt Fohrman

Katie Louderback

Lotus Touch - Ann

Reise Tanner

Kara Englebrecht

Mothers groups (including breastfeeding support groups)

GGMG Playgroups

CPMC Newborn Connections
Drop in lactation support group on Weds from 11-12.30 and Fri from 10-11.30 ($5). See the lactation consultant section for other services offered.
3698 California St
(415) 600-2229

Natural Resources
Natural Resources have several different drop in groups, including a breastfeeding circle on Monday afternoons. They also offer prenatal and parenting classes.
1367 Valencia St (at 25th)
(415) 550 2611

Sprout San Francisco
Offer Breastfeeding and latch support clinics

Discount available (see:
470 Carolina St
(415) 701-7529

New Mothers’ Groups

Natural Resources New Mom & Baby Group
A drop in class on Thursdays. Other classes are available to twins/multiples, solo mamas and working moms.

Recess Playgroups
Dates/times dependent on age of child:

Elizabeth Sullivan, MFTI
Mother Nurture: A Group for Moms
(415) 508-7086

Night Doulas

Marie Burke
(415) 756-4700

Trinity Doulas (Mary and Olive)
(415) 420-9090

Danusa Tyron
(415) 336-2953

Connie Hennessey
(415) 756-0313

Carseat Installation

Certified installation experts can be found at:

California Highway Patrol
Free inspection, but there is a waiting list
455 8th St

Buckled Baby - a service to help you ensure your car seat is properly installed
Comes to you

Postpartum depression
See our separate page for Postpartum Depression support. Also please contact us directly ( - we’re here to help our members! We’re a small team and will respect your privacy, keeping all exchanges confidential.

Updated May 2016