Emergency Preparedness

This list includes resources compiled by Community Support and GGMG members. If you are a GGMG member requiring extra support, please contact communitysupport@ggmg.org

If you would like to add to the list or make a suggestion, please contact resourcelist@ggmg.org

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For emergency preparedness resources, please see below. Other resources:

Crisis Resources
Busy Moms
Child Therapy
Couple Therapy
Emergency Preparedness
Family Illness
Grief and Loss
Individual Counseling
Legal Resources
New Mothers
Postpartum Depression

Phone numbers to have handy for general emergencies
Poisons information: 1-800-222-1222

San Francisco emergency dispatch: 415-553-8090 (better than 911 from a cell phone, especially if near a highway)

Your local police department, look up here: http://www.sf-police.org/index.aspx?page=38

General Emergency
NERT **Member recommended**
Take free emergency preparedness training (earthquake focus) and connect with other NERTs to help respond in a city-wide disaster scenario

Alert SF **Member recommended**
On Alert SF you can sign up to get warnings and info about disruptive events occurring in SF.

Ready.gov **Member Recommended**
General preparedness advice
Specifically for earthquakes: http://www.ready.gov/earthquakes

SF72 **Member Recommended**
General info for being prepared in SF. Although: 72 hours is good (any preparation is good), but since Katrina many are now recommending being prepared for 5-7 days if possible.

Earthquake Preparedness

Most sites under "Emergency" also apply to earthquakes.

An annual California-wide earthquake drill, with information on how and what to practice:

Totally Unprepared
A site designed to make preparing for an earthquake easy and fun

Matt Springer's blog **Member recommended**
Matt Springer posts general tips about earthquake preparedness and also presents talks about earthquake preparedness around the city

Red Cross **Member Recommended**

CPR and First Aid

GGMG runs classes regularly for members at a discounted rate and with child care provided.

Check the events listings for information. For infant classes, see the New Mothers page

Sports Basement **Member Recommended**
Sports Basement regularly provide free CPR classes - check their calendar

Ready SF **Member Recommended**
Also provide earthquake preparedness classes

Anna Griffin **Member Recommended**
Private classes in English or Spanish

Updated May 2016